Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to export X-Y-Z coordinates of AutoCAD drawing blocks?

There are several ways to export a list of XY or XYZ coordinates of blocks/symbols or other objects in an AutoCAD drawing.

In all AutoCAD versions you can use the ATTEXT command and prepare an export template containing the X and Y coordinates of the reported blocks (see AutoCAD User Guide).

In a much more user friendly way you can use the EATTEXT (resp. DATAEXTRACTION) command (wizard) to report block information from the current drawing (plus other drawings). Start the wizard and confirm all default values (name your DXE file in Step 1, use only blocks in Step 3, include the position properties in Step 4). In Step 6, choose the export to an external file (XLS, MDB, CSV, TXT).

For a bidirectional link - export to Excel and driving block coordinates from Excel - you can use the Excellink application by XANADU - see

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