Friday, November 14, 2008

ISOGEN cannot read some ISO exports of piping from Inventor 2009.

In some cases, the release version of Inventor Professional 2009 can create an invalid PCF output for the ISOGEN application. Apply Service Pack 1 (or higher) for Inventor 2009.
Intuitive overview of relationships and constraints in Inventor assemblies.
With the add-on application iMap for Inventor you can easily view relationships between documents and constraints in an Inventor 2009 assembly. This will help you navigate and understand complicated assemblies - especially those you have not created.
iMap for Inventor is a free application available on Autodesk Labs - iMap.
You can start Inventor with iMap through a separate icon on your desktop - "Autodesk Inventor 2009 with iMap". The iMap functions are then availble in a context menu in the assembly document. You can use the view "Constraint iMap" (relationships and assembly structure) and "Skeletal iMap" (derived part relationships).

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