Friday, November 28, 2008

Maximum addressable memory in the individual Windows versions.

Applications running in standard 32-bit Windows versions can address only 2GB RAM (3GB in a special "/3GB" mode - see tips; the OS memory limit is 4GB). This may seriously limit 3D CAD software applications processing large volumes of data.

Native 64-bit applications (special 64-bit versions) running in 64-bit Windows versions can access much more memory. Maximum addressable RAM limits are following:
Windows XP x64: 128 GB
Vista Home Basic 64-bit: 8 GB
Vista Home Premium 64-bit: 16 GB
Vista Business/Ultimate/Enterprise 64-bit: 128 GB
For comparison, 32-bit versions have these limits (OS limit; application limits apply - see above):
Windows 3.1x: 256MB (512 MB)
Windows 98/Me: 1 GB (512 MB)
Windows 2000, NT4: 2 GB (4 GB)
Windows XP Starter: 512 MB
Windows XP Home, Professional: 4 GB
Windows Vista Starter: 1 GB
Windows Vista Home, Business, Enterprise, Ultimate 32-bit: 4 GB

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