Friday, November 14, 2008

Text mirroring options in dynamic blocks in AutoCAD.

Text mirroring (readability) in AutoCAD is controlled by the MIRRTEXT variable. But if the text is contained in a block or a dynamic block, it may behave differently when mirrored.
The following illustration presents various options for mirroring of a simple block "ZRCADLO" (for download in the Block catalog) which contains a text (Dtext) and a predefined attribute (AtrDef). The original block is always mirrored with both settings of the MIRRTEXT variable: MIRRTEXT=0 and MIRRTEXT=1; first using a simple mirror with the MIRROR command, then flipping with the "Flip" action of the dynamic block, and finally by mirroring simple entities after exploding of the block reference (_EXPLODE).

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